Are We Clear?


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A Cleansing and Clearing Self-Care Satchel. 

I Bring Peace with Me where ever I go.

            I AM Clear in my Space.

I laugh in the face of my enemies.

            I AM Clear in my Space.

I don’t allow anyone to bother me.

            I AM Clear in my Space.

I remember I have Light even when

there’s a frown on me.

            I AM Clear in my Space.

I know I AM in control of my own energy.

            I AM Clear in my Space.

There is nothing in my path capable of

stopping me.


            ARE WE CLEAR?   


One pouch comes with (5) Sticks of Palo Santo (1) Mini Selenite Wand and Affirmation

Palo Santo (Holy Wood) is perfect for creating/facilitating a peaceful enviornment, ridding your surroundings of unwanted negative energy and even welcoming in new blessings/good luck. Burned to create a protective safe space, enhance atmosphere and help diffuse and disperse bad juju. Creates a deeper connection with the earthly plane and a wonderful tool for cleansing and grounding. 

Selenite– High Vibration crown chakra stone, brings clarity of mind, accessing higher guidance and angelic assistance, excellent for meditation, cleanses other crystals when placed on or near, assists judgement and insight, clears confusion, aids in seeing the bigger picture, helps to stabilize erratic emotions, calming, and helps to diffuse tension. Can be used to cut etheric cords. Placed under a pillow can induce lucid dreaming. 




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