April Tarot Forecast



  1. 8 of Pentacles– Spice Up Your Life! Switch up your routine. Ditch the old boring routine. Spring is all about newness and change. Want new results? Add New Actions for Improved Outcomes.

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  1. 5 of Swords– Don’t be a competitive asshole. You don’t have to try so hard to be right or appear right. Just know your truth and shut up. No “one upping” Okayyyyyy

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  1. Daughter of Swords– Being super detail oriented is great until it becomes obsessive. April is NOT the month to be anal. Not only will you stress yourself out, you’re gonna get on everyone else’s nerves. Things don’t have to be “Perfect” for them to be perfectly fine. If you reach for the stars and hit the clouds instead…Pat yourself on the back and keep it pushing boo thang.

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  1. Reversed Hermit– Hibernation is over and it’s time to pull yourself out of that comfy cozy little shell of yours. Spring into action, sew some seeds, be social, get mixy and watch your energy blossom into new exciting areas of your life. The world will NOT be coming to your doorstep.

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  1. Justice– Time to make some necessary decisions about your life. If you’ve been putting off some things that need your attention and your final say so, NOW is the time to set things straight. The universe is on your side and you’ve got back up to make those tough choices. Mercury Retrograde ends April 15th making the lines of communication a lot more easy breezy.


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