New Year… Who Dis? 5 Steps to Treating Everyday Like A New Year

Gently rolling into a new day, that just so happens to mark a new year.

Show up for YOUR life and you’ve already got an A for effort.

Approach this new season with grace and peace of mind.

For many of us, when the clock hits 12:00am 1/1/(on any given year), we won’t be approached by a genie or granted wishes for a new and exciting life.

When the calendar starts over again, celebratory confetti does not fall from the heavens and leave us glittering with our dream job, dream body or dream vacation.

What it often feels like, is waking up in the same bed, going to the same job, looking at the same bills but indulging in the ritual of remembering and writing a different numerical year.

As always, we pressure ourselves with rigid deadlines as to “when, what and how” we will shape our “new year”. Marking the day with resolutions, either mundane or extremely unrealistic.

No, I’m not shaming your goals or how/when you chose to commit to them.

Instead, I am asking you to create a sustainable practice of cultivating newness in your life 24/7 365.


“5 Simple Steps To Treating Every Day Like A New Year”

  1. STOP Killing Time– Procrastinating=Self-Sabotage. On a subconscious level, where there is fear or feelings of unworthiness, there is also your shadow-self meddling in your plans again. Frustrating enough as it is, you may constantly find yourself dropping the ball and then wondering why/how. Why you didn’t call back for the job? Why you didn’t start your project a week sooner? Why you missed the deadline to a contest entry? Honoring the divinity in every second is an act of self-love. You are deserving of every single chance and opportunity that comes your way. You are worth searching for your highest possible good in every situation. Take advantage of each and every available moment. If time was currency, how well have you been spending it? Be more conscious of how you occupy your mind and minutes. If you spend an average of 1 hour on social media every day, that’s 7 hours in a week, 35 hours in a month and 420 hours in a year. If your time is an investment, what has it earned or gained you? How could you be capitalizing on your present moment? Start a “time” budget and find out where you are “wasting” your resources. If you are not satisfied with the way in which you live, you are not satisfied with the way in which you have spent your time.
  1. “Curiosity Does Not Kill the Cat”– Making/Taking time to explore your thoughts, interests and desires on a daily basis. Investing in your personal evolution. Why not try it? Keep your wheels turning and your excitement for life burning. Fuel your imagination whenever possible. If you have a feeling to try something new, pick up a different hobby or dance in the mirror…DO IT. Getting an itch for knowledge? Google it! Putting yourself first, can be as easy as trying out that recipe you’ve been frightened by, going for that outrageously bold lipstick shade or trying out those yoga poses you saw scrolling Instagram, on your bedroom floor. For others, it could be researching therapists, grabbing a book on alternative methods to healing or seeking miscellaneous methods for coping with traumas. Whatever it may be, see it through. Each opened door leads to avenues you may have never considered. A fulfilling year is made up of intentionally crafted days. Same routine, same actions, same result…What can you cook up?


  1. Practicing Personal Forgiveness– Pardoning yourself and starting with a clean slate on a daily basis. Before bed, take the time to evaluate what you would have done differently.  OWN IT! Accept the learning lesson as a GIFT instead of a regret. Similar to a video game, increasing levels and greater rewards; learning lessons can later be our cheat codes to maximizing a future situation. Taking small losses while the risk is low, is perfect preparation for making the right moves when the stakes are high. You’ll level up soon, be easy on yourself. Also take a moment to give yourself accolades for what you feel you did well during the day. Balance loving critique with loving recognition.


  1. Act in Awareness– One question before every action… Is this helping me or hurting me? Less resolutions and more lifestyle choices. Instead of trying to learn to play the guitar in 2 months, play for 20mins every day. Don’t pressure yourself with losing fifteen pounds, make small adjustments to your diet throughout the year instead. Kick the sodas and try herbal teas as an alternative. Implementing better habits and practices that benefit you in the long run and accomplish your goals along the way. Creating a proactive approach, instead of stressful time crunched corrective behaviors. Work smarter and not harder. Making minor thoughtful choices could make a large impact down the line. Are you making positive ripple effects or negative? Consider you are building a house. Would you choose quality luxury materials or flimsy discounted supplies? Your day to day choices are what your house is made of. Are your choices going to build you a luxury home? Or are your actions going to result in a house with holes, easy breaks and foundation cracks?
  1. Celebrate Simplicity– All Mini Victories Matter. From catching the bomb ass produce sale at the grocery store, to finally getting all of your laundry done, enrolling back in school, taking a class at the local community college, standing barefoot in the grass for five minutes, slaying a hairstyle tutorial, getting out the house for the first time after a long depression, cleaning your room or finally remembering to fix yourself a meal. Build up some momentum and motivating energy by setting tiny goals that you can execute on a daily and weekly basis. Breaking down those huge aspirations into tiny little bite sized pieces can remove some of the anxiety and keep the journey engaging and fun, instead of heavy and intimidating. Create an environment in which you can see and feel yourself winning. Give yourself a round of applause, you’ve made it this far!


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