Not Your Type

🌻“Not Your Type”🌻
Be genuine in your intentions always.
So many people will tweak who they are for a desired goal or outcome.
Lying through actions and not words.
Water seeks water
Don’t try and fit the mold of the container if you don’t fit
What makes YOU intrinsically YOU IS SPECIAL
Comparison kills the soul
I wholeheartedly believe that what is for you in this universe will always be for you
And what isn’t….never was.
You are loved because you are different.
Consider this….
Those that do the same things….
Attract the same people….
Continuously receive the same outcomes!
Nothing will ever change using the same formula.
Take your power back
Take control over YOUR life
Recognize what makes you unique and wonderful AND NEVER CHANGE IT FOR ANYBODY

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  1. Mari says:

    Love your work you are truly inspiring and thanks for sharing your black girl magic with the world 🦄🔮📿😊

  2. Maliah-Marie says:

    Your writing holds Keys 🔑🔑

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