5 Fairly Factual Fairy Thug Tips: Living a More Authentic Life

“Follow your dreams like the feather follows the wind” – Diandra Rose

  1. Be Bold and Take Chances/Risks
    1. Nothing risked, nothing gained
    2. The Worst feeling in life is wanting to go back in time because you wish would have done something
    3. Try new things


  1. Don’t be afraid to be the person you are truly meant to be. The person you dream of deep down inside.
    1. Other people’s opinions should not matter in YOUR life.
    2. You only have one life in this body, make it about YOU not anyone else
    3. If being yourself makes others uncomfortable, you need new people NOT an updated version of you


  1. Get rid of anything, situation or person that does not motivate you to be better or add to your life
    1. Submerge yourself in an environment conducive for your success
    2. If it’s not adding to you then its taking away from you


  1. Take the time to identify what makes you happy and what YOU truly like or enjoy


  1. Don’t be afraid of rejection
    1. Understand that every NO puts you closer to what’s truly meant for you
    2. NO is a gift just the same as a yes
    3. What’s meant for you in this life will always be for you


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  1. This post makes me happy

  2. Jay Delgado says:

    Excellent, thanks.

  3. Anita says:

    I love you genuinely my Fairy Thug Mother🍒🍓🍎 Stay up!

  4. Cameron Santos says:

    Please send me more this website changed my life

  5. Maddi Harmon says:

    This gives me life…I really needed this.

  6. Dateesha says:


  7. Jacinda says:

    “Don’t be afraid of rejection
    Understand that every NO puts you closer to what’s truly meant for you
    NO is a gift just the same as a yes
    What’s meant for you in this life will always be for you”

    Whoa!! I really needed to hear this.. I just got flooded with thoughts of situations I’m avoiding because of rejection.. Thanks Diandra ❤👍

  8. Taylar Smallwood says:

    These are amazing, thank you for sharing! I find most of them are very difficult for me. I have had a crippling fear of rejection for as long as I can remember, and it stopped me from doing SO much. I have been wanting to recently release the idea of disappointing other people, or upsetting other people with my path and my choices. I am a witch, and proudly so.. unless I’m around my family. My mother is now used to my “quirks” and is becoming more supportive of my path, but I still have not used my title for fear of scaring her away. Not that I need to, I know. My grandmother thinks I’m depriving my children because of their lack of church. I have to let it go.. I know that. It’s just scary lol anyway, thank you for posting. These are amazing.

  9. Zana says:

    Needed to see this ✨

  10. Brandy says:

    Miss Rose is truly an amazing spirit!

  11. Nikki says:


  12. Mummanopoly says:

    Beautiful! LOVE LOVE LOVE

  13. June says:

    You have truly followed your own word path and have grown as I watched. From first video, to now professional blog, you have touched so many people. What’s next Fairythugmother?

    1. Thank you for your encouragement!! There is so much that I plan to do with this site. I’m also doing a radio show every Sunday from 2pm eastern time to 4pm every Sunday on iqueradio.com hope you can listen sometime. I’m excited for growth and change

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