Follow the Fairy

“Walking flower
Star made from flesh
Picked apart my petals but still glowing
I’ve been missing
Somewhere collecting pieces of myself
Reintegrating them into whatever package I decided to be today.
Messy and Complicated
Experimental escapades look good on you….
They will never figure you out
How can they?
You’re still a mystery in your own mirror.
Still double tap my reflection to check if it’s a projection.
Still stumble over my own feet because I’m used to teleporting not walking.
But I’m here though…
Earthbound baby
Intergalactic space baddie trapped in an adult body
At least the skin suit is sexy”

Harley Quinn

“She waits patiently❤
As everything meant to be…
Happens in it’s own divine time
Often what’s worth it won’t be instant
Quality can’t be microwave manifested
The reward is so sweet when the stars align. 💫”

Secret Life of a Fairy

The Hoodwitch: Goddess of the Week

Fairy Thuggin’ w/ Diandra Janelle Heaven Rose

Kolumn Magazine



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