Fairy’s 5 Tips to Meditation Made Easy


  1. The simplest form of meditation is practicing awareness.
    1. So often we are not truly present in our surroundings. We may not pay great attention to detail, or stop to take a full breath or even notice circumstances happening around us.
    2. Take a moment to fully be present and engage your senses. What do you hear? What do you feel, internally and externally? What can you see? What are you smelling? Are there any sensations? Can you engage fully with yourself? Are you able to follow the air rolling through your body? These are just a few reminders to practicing awareness.
    3. Try practicing with a focal point. For example, if you chose to look at a floral arrangement during meditation, you would engage with the details of the flowers. How they look, taking note of the color, the shape, how they are positioned with the other flowers, perhaps even a smell? Taking the time to truly take in all that you can about your focal point.


  1. Take FULL deep breaths.
    1. Inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.
    2. In a hurried and inattentive state our breathing tends to be shallow or rushed. The body not getting the full amount of oxygen to all parts of the body.
    3. Allow your stomach to inflate like a balloon during the inhale and deflate on the exhale
    4. Feel as you take FULL breaths the difference from your normal day to day shallow breathing
    5. You can feel the air support the inside of your body, even feeling as it travels up your back and improving your posture as your chest rises.

*SET THE MOOD- Incense, candles, aromatherapy are all added perks, but mediation happens anywhere. In your office, on the subway, walking to and from. ITS IN THE MIND*

  1. Visualization
    1. Use your imagination! It is the key to manifestation.
    2. Deep thoughtful daydreaming can be a form of mediation to some people
    3. Create safe spaces for yourself mentally
    4. Picture yourself some place that you would really love to be, an ideal safe space or place of love or relaxation
    5. Visualize yourself with whatever it is that you are longing for or working towards. See yourself already having it.
    6. The world is yours and if you can dream it, the you can meditate on it!


    1. Again, visualization is an awesome tool to bring yourself back from distractions. If you find yourself having thoughts that pull you away from your moment of mediation, imagine that thought as a bubble appearing in your stream of consciousness. Acknowledge that thought bubble now floating downstream and away from you. Or maybe even imagine your distracting thought writing itself out on a piece of paper, then visualize yourself throwing that paper away as you continue to bring yourself back to your present meditative state and reality.
    2. If you begin to have thought clutter FOCUS ON YOUR BREATHING. Create a deeper connection with your breath work and put the rest at the back of your mind
    3. Return to your present reality. Paying attention to the sounds, colors, people, objects, scents or whatever characteristics define your present physical circumstances and not the whirlwind of thoughts going through your head.
    4. DON’T rob yourself of this moment thinking about the future. The future will come to past, but you must take full advantage of the now.


  1. Meditation with Crystals
    1. For an added enhancement to your mediation practice try mediating with crystals
    2. They can be placed on or around the body
    3. For example, a piece of rose quartz could be placed on the heart or amethyst to the forehead or third eye
    4. Be sure to pay close attention to the energy flowing in the body. Do you notice a difference in the areas that you have placed the crystals or feel a difference when you hold one in your hand opposed to when you don’t?
      1. Recommended Easy to Read Books
        1. Crystals for Healing by Karen Frazier
        2. The Little Pocket Book of Crystal Chakra Healing by Philip Permutt
        3. The Crystal Bible 1 and 2 by Judy Hall
        4. Meditation for Beginners by Michael Dinuri
        5. The Heart of Meditation by The Dalai Lama


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